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Mouse Traps

Humane Mouse Traps

multiple mouse trap Multiple Wind Up Mouse Traps

snap traps

Mouse Snap Traps

Mouse Glue Traps

Humane Mouse Traps: If you want a totally humane mouse trap, use the Victor Tin Cat Mice Traps. The Victor Tin Cat Mice traps will hold multiple mice and come in two models, the solid top M310 and the clear top M308. If you do not use the glue that is designed to place in the bottom of the trap to hold the mice, it is considered humane. We also carry Little Pete and Tip Top.

Snap Traps: A popular mice trap is the snap trap. We carry two brands of snap traps, the Victor snap trap with the expanded trigger or the easy to set Mini Rex Mouse Trap. The Mini Rex trap can be set without getting your finger in the trapping zone and has a bait well to place lure.

Multiple Mouse Traps: Come in a box like trap such as the Tin Cat Mice Traps. The Tin Cats have one entrance. Once a mouse goes in, their is no exit and other mice follow. We also carry the popular Ketch All Traps, which is a repeating wind up trap. If will hold up to 15 mice.

Mouse Glue Traps: Mice glue boards and traps work well in catching mice, because the mouse can rarely get off the board once it is caught. Place along baseboards and where the mice are running.

Mice Baiting Tips: Learn techniques and tips to trap mice.