What is the Best Insecticide for Carpenter Bees?

Carpenter Bees are an annually recurring pest for many homeowners. We are frequently asked about the best approach for treating against the bees because they cause expensive wood damage on homes. Much of the confusion from homeowners revolves around not knowing whether to treat the house, spray the bees directly, or treat the damaged area and holes that the bees create.

As with most insect issues, there's an easy method that can be used to prevent the pest, but an active infestation takes a little bit of investigation and some work to identify and eradicate.

Best insecticide for Preventing Carpenter Bees

The best method for preventing carpenter bees is applying an insecticide spray such as Cyzmic CS on the structure where the bees congregate before they cause damage. This typically happens in the early spring and a spray should be applied in late winter.

Best Insecticide After Carpenter Bee Infestation

Once the bees have created holes in the wooden structure, an insecticide dust such as Tempo Dust is an effective way to kill the bees. The dust gets injected into and around the holes with a duster such as the B&G Bulb Dust-R. An insecticide spray can also be used on the structure as a companion to the dust to stop further damage.

For more information and additional carpenter bee treatment options, refer to Carpenter Bee Control.