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We are having a problem with bats flying around our living room window and in the alcove at the front door. Our pest control company has no answers for us except for a spray that will discolor the paint on our house. At present we are using the sticky strips used for catching mice. We tacked two of them in the alcove area. After a month, we caught nine. Do you have a suggestion for us on how to discourage these flying pests from using our front porch? They leave their droppings everywhere.

A yellow bug light might attract fewer insects, a major attractant for bats. This may cause the bats to find food elsewhere. If they are nesting in the eaves, you can screen the entry points at night after the bats are gone.

We seem to have a colony of bats (at least 60-75). They have made their home in our exterior wall of our garage. How do we get rid of them? Will they stay forever or will they go away?

You need to fashion a one-way door, so the bats can come out but not come back inside. Another thing you can do is to seal the entry points at night while the bats are out. I would advise you to do this in the spring. They are nesting with the young in the fall. Many babies and females may be inside at night. Also if you provide bat houses for them in the area, they will stay around to kill all your other flying insects. Allow the bat house a couple of years to start really working. They are great for mosquitoes!

We just bought an old house and we had to go into the attic to clean about 7 bags of bat droppings, we are starting to see them and we really want to get rid of them. What works? We've been told moth balls work great. Is that true?

If you put enough moth balls to do the job it would probably run you out of the house. I would suggest you seal the openings where the bats enter and exit. Do this at night when the bats are gone.