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It's spring time and like last year, I have recently noticed very tiny bugs in my bathtub upstairs. They are about as big as the tip of a sharp pencil. I cannot tell if they are red or black. they crawl and seem to have little antennae. I squished about a hundred of them, but there were more the next day. A few weeks ago, I noticed them  along the strip between my driveway and garage. And this morning I found them in my breakfast area around the door to the patio. Please tell me what they are and how to get rid of them!

Sounds like clover mites. Treat the outside yard and shrubs with
Bifen IT. Just use the vacuum to get rid of them inside.

I was told I have clover mites around my dining room windows. They are tiny little red bugs, the size of a dot. Any suggestions?

Spray the yard and shrubs with the Bifen IT.

I live in Colorado and the weather has been very nice lately. While I was outside cleaning, I noticed thousands of tiny bugs surrounding my foundation, front door area, and even inside our covered patio at the rear of our house. These bugs are very small, about the same size or smaller than a pin head, they look like a splash of dirt from a distance. They are dark brown with very red-orange legs. Can you help identify these bugs? And what you would recommend to get rid of them? I have some Demon WP that I use for spiders in the summer. Would this work?

The Demon WP or Cyper WP would work on the side of the house or around the doors.
But don't spray the Demon WP on the shrubs or yard.

Use Bifen IT instead.

Spray the yard and shrubs with Bifen IT.