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We live in an old farm home in the country and have a very serious fly problem. We keep our house very clean and our garbage is kept in a closed container until it goes to the dump each week. I've tried sprays and fly paper which both work temporarily. Within days we have hundreds of flies in our house, gathering mainly around windows, and they seem to be worse upstairs.

To end a fly problem, you must eliminate the breeding source, an organic source, perhaps a dead rodent. If this is an ongoing seasonal problem, the source is not inside your home, but outside. Spraying the exterior walls monthly with Cyper Wp,   or  D-Fensec SC will help control them.
If this is a new problem, you may have a dead rodent in the attic or in a wall. If you can't remove the rodent, time will take care of the problem as it decays.

I am having a lot of fruit flies due to my having 10 birds with a lot of food and fruit available at all times. Any suggestions as to what I can do?

On TimeMetered Aerosol is a pyrethrin based aerosol that is safe to use around birds. It will help to control adult flies, but removing the food source is the only long-term answer.

We have a minor, yet annoying problem with small flies that appear to be fruit flies. They hang around all summer and into the warmer fall weather. Our home is free of fruit or other exposed foods. Our house is very clean and we have indoor cats and a dog. We can't seem to get rid of the flies. Suggestions?

The flies may be drain flies. Tape the drains shut with clear tape. If flies get stuck to the bottom of the tape, it would indicate a problem in the drains. Treat the drains with Invade Bio Drain Gel. Also check the drip pan under the refrigerator and saucers under the potted plants. The flies need some sort of slimy material in which to breed.

My sister has larva crawling out of her bathroom light. They are slightly larger than a fly maggot and have black on them. The other side of the fan/light connects into the attic. She has seen up to five at a time in the light cover. They seem to crawl back up into the attic during daylight hours. Any idea what this could be?

Rodents will sometimes store food in the attics. This will attract beetles and moths. I suspect you are seeing their larvae. Another possibility is a dead rodent which has attracted maggots (fly larvae).