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We have a severe infestation of moles that are undermining our lawn, shrubs, etc. Do you have a product that would rid us of this pest?

Recommended products to get rid of moles are Talpirid Mole Bait a highly acceptable bait by moles. Just find the runway and insert the bait. Another alternative is Talpirid Mole Trap, a trap that you place in the main runway. Another product that you can put in their runways are Giant Destroyer Smoke Bombs With all these products , you need to find the runway.

If you don't mind killing the earthworms and grubs, which is their main diet, you can use Cyonara LP Granulars.

It is best to use the Cyonara LP Granulars during the fall. An animal repellent by Dr. T's Nature Products, Whole Control, has proven effective by inhibiting the formation of burrows and tunnels.

Because moles can be tedious to control and eliminate, you may not only want the gaseous products, like the smoke bombs, but also the baits and traps too. We have gotten very good feedback from the product called Whole Control that inhibits future burrowing and tunneling.

I would like information on mole control. They have infested our whole lawn and it is practically 90% covered with tunnels. Grub control was applied in the spring. This has been a growing problem for several years. It is now out of control. It seems as though there are hundreds of them. We just seeded a large area after a well was put in and in no time the whole area is full of tunnels.

Place Talpirid Mole Bait in the active tunnels.

What damage are the moles doing to my garden, besides all the hills. Are my wildflowers and shrubs in danger? What can we do this winter to eliminate the problem?

Moles will sometimes nibble on roots, but the biggest danger is the air pockets formed by the moles. Use Talpirid Mole Bait or Mole Traps to control your moles. Go to Mole information and click on moles for more information.

I would like to rid me back yard of rodents which I suspect may be moles, but I am not sure. I see several holes (4 or 5) burrowed in the ground around my shed but I do not know for sure that the animals that did the burrowing were moles. These animals evidently had teeth strong enough to chew through a window screen of a fence as well as the walls of a large, thick cardboard box that held a computer! In any case my question is is it wise to purchase mole traps if I am not certain of the identification of the culprits. Would this be better attended to by a professional or could I use these traps with other related animals such as field mice, rats, rabbits, etc.

These are not moles. Moles rarely come above ground. Chipmunks or rats would be the culprit. Safequard Live Trap #50450 will catch them .