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cloth moths



My attic is full of moths. What do I do ?

If they are clothes moths, you must eliminate the source. Then fog the attic twice, 2 weeks apart. They could be in fur, feathers, wool, hair, or silk. If they are Indian meal moths, the same treatment will work, but the food source is seeds and nuts, which may have been placed there by squirrels or other rodents.

An addtitional treatment would be a clothes moth trap such as the Safestore| X Lure Cloth Moth Traps

I found little black bugs in the cabinet over my kitchen stove. I have my flour, sugar, corn meal, salt, pepper, and other dried goods stored there. I first noticed these bugs in my flour. Taking everything out of cabinet, I found a thousand on top shelf under a bag of sugar. The sugar is in a plastic bag, but under it looked like a sticky gooey substance. This is where the bugs are. I sprayed with full strength Chlorox. What is this?

You have a type of weevil or beetle, pantry pest. The sticky substance is digested sugar. Otherwise known as "bug poop". Go through everything in the pantry and throw out opened products. Then spray with Alpine Aerosol. If you have flying moths, you may want to try our moth traps and if beetles or weevils you can use a trap called Pantry Patrol.

More information can be found at PANTRYPEST.COM