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I have a large adult female raccoon nesting in my chimney. I think she went in to have her babies. I plan to wait until dark when she is out searching for food, and seal the entrance to the chimney so she cannot get back inside. What can I do? I have a light burning in the chimney and I was going to put moth balls in there.

Any hole you repair, raccoons can tear back open. The moth balls will not help the situation at all. The raccoon needs to be caught and relocated per your state regulations. Check your state statutes for relocation of fur bearing animals.

I am having a lot of trouble with raccoons. I had them in the attic. They destroyed a screen to get in. I called my local animal control regulation. The animal ate all the bait and escaped the live cage. Now they come to the window sill on the second floor.

Live traps are the best choice. I would secure the bait to the trap so the raccoons would have to work to remove it. This should ensure a catch. We do carry a raccoon size traps:

Is it possible for the raccoons to cause a "thump" noise from the ceiling or roof ? Finally, will light deter raccoons or opossums?

Trapping is the best method. They most definitely will make a thumping noise from the roof area. Light will deter them for a little while, but they quickly become accustomed to it and ignore it.