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Trapping Skunks


I would like to know how I may stop the devastation to our lawn by skunks. I have treated the lawn for grubs and other insects twice this year with no success. The skunk is living under our screened porch and spends his nights digging little round holes for grubs. I have seen him and believe he is alone. What products can I use to rid ourselves of this pest?

Trapping and removing skunks is a good option. But considering the danger of being "skunked," I would use a Live Skunk Trap with a Cover.

My neighbor recently trapped a skunk in a Raccoon trap. He took the trap approximately 2-3 miles away and released the skunk into the woods. The skunk returned a few days later. We can recognize this particular animal because most of its pelt is white.
My question is: How far away should my neighbor go to release a skunk without it returning to our neighborhood?

To be on the safe side, go at least 6 to 8 miles away. Check with your game and wildlife department before trapping and releasing them.

To avoid being sprayed by a skunk use a spray proof skunk trap

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