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Yellow Jackets

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Yellow Jackets


I have yellow jackets. If they have gone into the walls, will I have a problem? Will the cold temperature kill them, or will they hibernate until spring? Do I need to worry if the nest is inside the wall?

Some reproductive yellow jackets may survive inside the walls. They will come out in the spring looking to go outside. The reproductive yellow jackets rarely sting, so I wouldn't be concerned about it. If the nest is in a very warm location, however, the nest could survive the winter.

I would spray a pyrethrum can of CB 80 or PT 565 directly into the entrance. Do this after dark. They are not as aggressive at that time.

Nests should be located during the day, so you can see the workers entering and exiting all day. Mark the entry points. Treat at night only when it is dark.

Any treatments should be done at night, because they are all in the nest. They don't see well at night and your chances of being stung are greatly reduced.

  PT 565 Plus or CB Extra  

Pyrethrum forms a gas which will fill the cavity, killing the yellow jackets.

  • Check the nest the following day, to see if the yellow jackets are indeed dead by lack of activity.
    It may be necessary to repeat treatment.

    Wait unil the aerosol is dry then dust in the opening withor   delta dustDelta Dust .

    These dusts will leave a residue to continue to kill for months and eliminate any hatch outs Delta Dust is slower acting.

    With a little care and caution, yellow jackets can be easily and safely eliminated.


    1. Spray opening at night with pyrethrin aerosol
    2. Wait until aerosol is dry(10-15 minutes), then dust opening with Pyganic Dust(faster kill with the pyrethrin aerosol)or

    3. Delta Dust(1 week-slower kill with pyrethrin aerosol


    • A further recommendation would be to use a trap with a lure like fruit juice or meat like :  yellow jacket trap
      Yellow Jacket Trap by Advantage, which would be helpful if you can't find the location of the nests.

      Place the trap away from where you are going to be, you want to lure them in the trap.
      This trap is very helpful during picnics, and cook outs , drawing them away from you.
      The traps come with a lure, however meat works best in early in the season and fruit juice works well later in the summer and fall months.

      For more information on baiting for yellow jackets Click here