Shrew Control

shrews Shrews are small mammals about the size of mice. They have small eyes, long snouts and dense fur with uniform color. They also have five clawed toes on each foot and dark-tipped small teeth. Many times, their feces are shaped like a corkscrew.

In contrast to shrews, mice have four toes on their front feet and larger eyes than the shrew. Moles are related to shrews but are larger in size. Both shrews and moles belong to the taxonomic order Insectivora, whereas mice and rats belong to the order Rodentia.

There are different shrew species are located all over North America. They nest in outdoor burrows near low-lying shrubbery and globular nests made of shredded leaves. They can range up to 1.5 acres

Shrews are more active at night than during the day. Daily food is insects, beetles, spiders, meats, birds, mice, and small snakes. They can damage roots and trees by their gnawing activity.

How do I get rid of shrews, just use a trap? What bait should I use?

Use peanut butter and rolled oats. Adding a bit of hamburger or bacon grease may also help. Victor Mice Snap Traps work well for trapping shrews.

Table 1. Shrews of the United States, the US Territories, and Canada (from Banks et al. 1987, and Jones et al. 1992). Univ of Nebraska-Lincoln, Robert Schmidt

Scientific name

Blarina brevicauda
Blarina carolinensis
Blarina hylophaga
Cryptotis parva
Notiosorex crawfordi
Sorex alaskanus
Sorex arcticus
Sorex arizonae
Sorex bairdii
Sorex bendirii
Sorex cinereus
Sorex dispar
Sorex fontinalis
Sorex fumeus
Sorex gaspensis
Sorex haydeni
Sorex (Microsorex)hoyi
Sorex hydrodromus
Sorex jacksoni
Sorex longirostris
Sorex lyelli
Sorex merriami
Sorex monticolus
Sorex nanus
Sorex ornatus
Sorex pacificus
Sorex palustris
Sorex preblei
Sorex sonomae
Sorex tenellus
Sorex trowbridgii
Sorex tundrensis
Sorex ugyunak
Sorex vagrans
Suncus murinus

Common name

Northern short-tailed shrew
Southern short-tailed shrew
Elliot’s short-tailed shrew
Least shrew
Desert shrew
Glacier Bay water shrew
Arctic shrew
Arizona shrew
Baird’s shrew
Pacific water or Marsh shrew
Cinereus or Masked shrew
Long-tailed or Rock shrew
Maryland or Eastern shrew
Smokey shrew
Gaspe shrew
Hayden’s shrew
Pygmy shrew
Pribilof Island shrew
St. Lawrence Island shrew
Southeastern shrew
Mt. Lyell shrew
Merriam’s shrew
Montane or Dusky shrew
Dwarf shrew
Ornate shrew
Pacific shrew
Northern water shrew
Preble’s shrew
Fog shrew
Trowbridge’s shrew
Tundra shrew
Barren ground shrew
Vagrant shrew
House shrew

For more information on shrews, go to Shrews-Digital Commons at University of Nebraska-Lincoln