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Trapping Mice

Mouse Traps

There is a variety of mouse traps to choose from when trapping mice.
The three main groups of mouse traps are multiple traps, snap traps and glue traps.
Rodenticides are also used to kill rats and to kill mice.

Mouse Trap Advantages


1. Safer than potential hazardous poison baits

2.  Quick, immediate results

3.  Easy disposal of dead rodents avoiding odor problems that will occur if rodenticides kill rodents in inaccessible areas.

Types Of Mouse Traps

rat and mice snap traps

Mouse Snap Traps


Multiple Mouse Traps


mice glue traps

Mouse Glue Boards/Traps

Mouse Trapping Tips

Location : Good trap placement is an essential step for effective use of mouse traps. Inspect first to determine the activity of the mice. Placing mouse traps out evenly at a set distance may provide thorough coverage, but it is not guaranteed to reach the mice. Place traps in areas where mice are running or nesting.

Use Enough Traps: A common trapping error when placing out mice traps, is to use too few traps. Even for just a couple of mice, using a dozen traps are not too many.

Two Mouse Traps Placed Together: In locations of high mice activity, use two mouse traps together, with about 1" space between them. This would catch mice that try to jump over the traps, a particularly common occurrence.

General Rodent Trapping Tips

  • Prior to handling traps, do not touch pets. Dogs and cats are natural predators; their odors can create an aversion to the traps. Other odors such as human or dead-rodent odors do not create an aversion.
  • Dead rodents and diseased animals have ectoparasites; do not handle rodents with bare hands.
  • Glue traps can melt in high heat, do not store in vehicles during warm weather months.
  • See tips on cleaning mouse traps and disposal of rodents